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Drymax Light Hiking HD v4 GRY

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Product Information

Hiking is one of the most fun outdoor activities, enjoyed by people of all ages. Hiking can be a challenge depending on the location or weather. Hiking gear can make a big difference, as using the wrong gear can ruin the fun and bring about real problems. The Lite Hiking sock is a Medium + Density protective padded sock. Using dense padding, as opposed to thick padding, protects feet without adversely affecting the fit of the boots. The Lite Hiking socks were designed for use in cool to hot conditions, keeping feet dry, comfortable and odor free all day long.

Wet socks are a hiker’s worst enemy, especially in cold or freezing temperatures. Wet socks pull heat away from the skin 23 times faster than dry socks; this can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet feel painfully cold. Wet skin makes the feet much more susceptible not only to frostbite, but also to blisters. Staying dry is critical to remaining warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather.

DRYMAX HIKING HD SOCKS KEEP FEET DRY & COMFORTABLE! - The laws of physics dictate; no single fiber technology can attract and repel moisture at the same time. In order to overcome this, Drymax Lite Hiking socks utilize two different fiber technologies interwoven together. This Dual Layer design creates a self-contained Moisture Removal System keeping feet dry & comfortable in cold - wet conditions.

Drymax fibers do not wick as they are Super Hydrophobic (water repelling). On a molecular level, moisture doesn’t stick to the inner layer of Drymax terry loops. This allows the Drymax fibers to lift sweat off the skin like a squeegee into the moisture attracting outer layer - almost instantly.

Independent lab tests confirm Drymax socks stay up to 25 times drier than socks made with wicking fibers like Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon and Wool!

Product Code: DRYYM7IL2

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